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For a nominal once-only payment individuals can become members of the Organisational Leadership Network and gain private access to members-only areas of this website via a password.

The payment covers the first year of membership; thereafter membership continues free.

Who can join?

Individuals interested in improving leadership in any kind of organisation:


Organisation consultants (internal as well as external) who want access to practical diagnostic and OD (organisation development) tools, advice and support.


Senior managers needing to improve leadership in their organisation who want to know what and who is available to help them.


Educators running courses with modules on leadership who want teachable materials and concepts.


Trainers and developers who run leadership development programmes who want their endeavors to have a lasting impact.

List of benefits

Click on the following links:


Rates for membership


£ sterling

US dollars


Self-employed individuals paying for themselves




Employed individuals using a corporate budget




Group rates

Subject to negotiation

Purchases made in the UK or in the European Union are subject to value added tax (VAT) at 17.5%.


Special Offer

The membership charge will be deducted from the cost of any other Organisational Leadership purchases made at any one time to the value of £120 / US$ 195 / Euro 171 (at discount rates) purchased at the same date as membership.

Discounts on publications

Discounts are available on purchases of The Organisational Leadership Audit and other audits when purchased through this website. We bulk-buy copies from the publisher, Cambridge Strategy Publications, for onward sale to members, with the publisherís permission, through this website.



Low-cost workshops are run in the UK for members who want to gain an in-depth understanding of the organisational leadership model and how best to use The Organisational Leadership Audit in support of either consultancy services or in-company diagnosis/OD.

Workshops are also run in the use of The Business Innovation Audit and The Organisation Shadow-Side Audit.



Members who have attended a workshop may assert their accreditation in using the respective audit in any consultancy they offer to clients.



Members who use all or some elements of The Organisational Leadership Audit (or other related audits in the Prometheus-designed series) as the basis of their consultancy with clients undertake to acknowledge the audit's design consultancy (William Tate of Prometheus Consulting) and the publisher (Cambridge Strategy Publications) in relevant publicity relating to the services they offer.

Personal support and advice

Members may telephone or email the auditís designer for a reasonable level of free advice in the light of their experience in using the audit. Advice is available both to consultants using the audit with clients, and to end-users using the audit inside their own organisation.


Membersí Forum

A newsgroup area of the website is available for members to:


Engage in dialogue as a learning community with other members about issues, problems, solutions, advice and general experience in using the audit and related materials and tools.


Offer support to, or elicit support from, potential associates for major contracts where teams or consortia bids are needed to fulfil a contract.


Promoting membersí own services and events

An area of the website is available for organisation consultants to publicise their offerings and credentials to prospective clients.

This service costs £ 45 / US$ 73 / Euro 64 to place an insertion for one year.

Members who are prospective purchasers of consultancy services may also browse this area of the website to see what is available from fellow consultant members.


Pre-publication upgrades

From time to time the audit tools will benefit from enhancements, amendments, clarifications, updates and corrections. Members receive free information on these electronically before they become available in an updated version in hard-copy format.


Opportunities to pilot draft materials

Electronic beta versions of drafts of further audits in the series are made available to members ahead of publication at a discount of 50% in return for feedback. Invitations will be extended in issues of the relevant newsletter.


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