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Prometheus Consulting www.prometheus-consulting.com
A consultancy specialising in systemic leadership and other strategic aspects of human resource management, and organisational development, change and learning.

Conduct Becoming www.ConductBecoming.com
‘Encouraging responsible business’
A consultancy that keeps organisations abreast of governance and corporate social responsibility best-practice, and helps them develop appropriate management solutions.

Teal Consulting www.tealconsulting.co.uk
TEAL Consulting helps organisations improve performance and achieve better results using a broad range of performance improvement methods and models. They work with an established client base across both the public and private sectors in the UK.

Perception Dynamics www.PerceptionDynamics.com

Centre for Tomorrow’s Company www.tomorrowscompany.com
A business-led think tank with the purpose of creating a business future that makes as much sense to staff, shareholders and society.

Triarchy Press www.triarchypress.com
The publisher's knowledge hub for anyone interested in organisations, the way they work and the way we work in them.

Systemic Leadership www.systemicleadership.co.uk
A website belonging to Prometheus Consulting devoted to the systemic leadership model, book and toolkit.

The Search for Leadership www.thesearchforleadership.com
A website belonging to Triarchy Press devoted to the book of that name, the Systemic Leadership Toolkit, and with associated blog.

The Annual Windsor Leadership Dialogue www.windsorleadership.com
An annual dialogue on leadership held in St George's House, Windsor Castle.

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